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           PIN Based Bankcard Processing for Retail Business
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Verifone V200 POB EMV Terminal
Verifone V200 POB EMV Terminal
About POB Bank Card Processing
Learn more about Point of Banking and How it Benefits Retail Merchants

Anytime a retail business accepts non-cash payments, they are providing a
service that is a convenience for their customers.  As with any product or
service, it costs money to provide this convenience which increases the
cost of doing business and decreases profits for the merchant.

Point of Banking processing services enables retail merchants with a way
to provide their customers with the convenience and the security of PIN
based bankcard processing at no cost to the merchant.

Customers can feel more secure with the transaction since they maintain
control of their card and they enter their PIN (Personal Identification Nbr)
when completing transactions.  A small convenience fee is added to the
transaction which pays for the cost of processing, and merchants are
encouraged to consider not marking up this fee since customers are paying
for the cost of processing transactions so the merchant doesn't have to.

POB machines run transactions that are PIN based withdrawals (not
purchases like credit card terminals) and are run in whole dollar amounts
that are increments of either 5 or 10.  The merchant controls what the
maximum amount is that can be run on the terminal and accepts
transaction receipts as payment for good and services.  Funds are sent to
the merchant's bank account by direct deposit just like other types of
bankcard processing services, but without the expensive processing fees.

Increased Profits
Some pob service providers like to place free credit card terminals in merchant locations so they can make profit off of the merchant's customers.  They do this by having a high surcharge and these providers share very little if anything with the merchant.  This is not a good deal for the merchant because customers do not like to pay high surcharges which always causes merchants to lose some of their customers.

Don't be fooled by offers for "free cashless atm machines" because they are taking money that your business should be making!  If the merchant has a type of business where a higher surcharge can be supported, the merchant should be making the extra profit from their customers, not some fast talking sales person.  These providers are taking advantage of merchants by claiming equipment is very expensive and costly to maintain and this is all rocket science which of course is not true.  This is how many in sales today choose to do business... they don't share the whole story with their customers!

Our business model is simple and straight forward with no hidden fees or agendas to inflate profits like those other providers.  Our program offers low cost equipment and processing services, backed by industry leading tech support to keep things running as smooth as possible so merchants can focus on their customers and running their business.

Even if you end up going with another provider, before you make a decision take advantage of our years of experience in the industry and contact us with any questions you may have to help you better understand the options that are available to you and how they may effect your business and your customers.  It doesn't cost anything to talk a little shop!

Click Here to request POB bankcard processing and equipment details to be sent to you buy email.  Once you read through the information that is sent, you will have complete details to make an informed decision concerning the best options available for your business and how pob merchant services can help your business become more profitable.

Point of Banking.com About Point of BankingAbout Point of BankingAbout Point of Banking
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